Espresso coffee van services are extremely popular with event organisers today. While bog standard tea and instant coffee were seen as sufficient in previous years, today’s event-goers expect gourmet, bespoke and specialised services. But what are the other reasons behind why you might want pop-up coffee services at your event?

One event where mobile coffee services are essential is at conferences. As a conference organiser, it’s important to have any events, talks, lectures and seminars as widely populated as possible. However, if you haven’t got good quality services close to the hall you’re hosting in, it’s likely that your guests will wander off – which is a disaster. If they’re used to their regular injections of caffeine, they’ll bypass substandard offerings and head to the closest coffee shop in their breaks. But what if you bring that quality coffee to your hall? An espresso coffee van, complete with professional baristas, could be a great investment for your conference.

When it comes to events or exhibitions where your guests are likely to be on their feet for a number of hours, it can also be a great idea to have a pop-up coffee stall. Not only will it give them a break from the events, it also gives them a reason to stay at your exhibition. Finally, gala dinners can end with guests being provided with luxurious, freshly brewed coffee to send them home feeling warm, happy and pampered.

So when it comes to espresso coffee van services, there are obviously plenty of situations where great coffee is appreciated. At Henry’s Coffee Bar Ltd, we understand this and we’re able to deliver cups of great quality, ethical coffee straight into your guests’ hands via our fully-equipped espresso coffee vans.

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