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Image - Life is too short for bad coffees

Psst.....Have you heard? The coffee revolution has begun!

The last few years has seen coffee explode onto our streets. Our lives run at such a fast pace that coffee seems to be the one thing we reach for to keep us going.

We at Henry's believe coffee is more than just a means to an end - a kickstart to your day. We know more & more people are getting serious about their coffee. Its more than a drink, very often a necessity, an experience, a ritual, social gatherings even business meetings take place over a flat white nowadays.

Dont worry, Henry's is here to help. Alongside our fully trained baristas, we have UKBC 2013 finalist Don Altizo pulling the shots. Our staff have hundreds of hours of pouring experience, ensuring that they put as much passion into making that perfect Espresso time after time. You will fall in love with the brown stuff again!

It all started after spending time travelling across Australia. The standard of baristas in the UK chains didn't seem to compare. Making quality drinks quickly became our goal. We think its VERY important that you know where our coffee comes from. We do everything we can to make sure that our coffee is ethically sourced. Our roasters source directly from the farmers which ensures a positive relationship, no greedy middle men, better prices & quality driven production. We have a short supply chain - our roaster pays the farmer & we pay the roaster.

Thanks for visiting us online, we hope to see you soon!

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