It was a pleasure to work with Lee who was extremely professional when working with our stand builders and liaising with our stand staff. He was a great asset on the day and even got stuck in on the stand. Would highly recommend for exhibitions!

Charlotte Liggins, Sodexo
Lee’s passion for coffee complimented by a competitive price, made Henry’s coffee our preferred partner at Technology for Marketing. The coffee bar looked great and Lee’s service and attention to detail was second to none. The event couldn’t have gone better and I’d work with Lee again in a heartbeat.
Sam ManningMarketing Manager, Epiphany

The morning is the most important moment of my daily activities. A good start makes the difference between an accomplished day and a wasted one. With this in mind I can say that Henry's Coffee, apart from being the BEST one in Aldgate. For me is the impulse I need to kickstart my day. The team create the ideal atmosphere for those short moments of the day that eases my life.
I wish there would be more such places at the London Met. That would save me coming all the way to Commercial Road building for the Coffee that makes a difference!

AdrianLondon Metropolitan M.A Student

About us

Henry’s Coffee Bar is a London based family run company. It all started for Henry’s Coffee Bar owner Lee, after spending time travelling across Australia. He soon came to realise that the standard of baristas in the UK chains didn’t seem to compare. This passion for the noble art of coffee making lead Lee to create Henry’s. A service that aims to serve an exceptional, unforgettable and quality coffee experience. Henry’s Coffee Bar’s style and grace is a contemporary mix of grand opulence, fun and decadence. Created to give a sense of indulgence and happy times, courtesy of our dedicated, talented and highly flexible team. Our passionate staff have been handpicked by us to deliver unparalleled service.

We think its VERY important that you know where our coffee comes from. We do everything we can to make sure that our coffee is ethically sourced. Our roasters source directly from the farmers which ensures a positive relationship, no greedy middle men, better prices and quality driven production. We have a short supply chain – our roaster pays the farmer & we pay the roaster.

We started by attending local markets and slowly building the business over time and word of mouth. Quickly we managed to establish a brand that cared about the customer and their needs. Being ethical and using the right materials has been our aim from the start.

We have been fortunate to have been involved with major public events, product launches, corporate functions, festivals with some UK and US brands, enabling us to further stabilise our business in the hospitality and catering industry. Providing detailed planning and on-site event management to bespoke coffee design, our creative solutions ensure that each event is managed and handled the way it should be.

We also have a coffee bar in a London university that provides snacks, toasted sandwiches (Foccacia, Calzone and more), drinks and of course delicious coffee!

We are not just another mobile coffee bar, we mean it when we say “bespoke”. Henry’s Coffee Bar takes the mobile coffee experience to the next level, using the highest quality equipment. Products are sourced ethically and as locally as possible, making the finest coffee and delivering in the best way we know how. We are not in this industry to sit on our laurels, we’re here to think different, be different and to deliver an experience like no other time and time again.

The success of Henry’s has been purely down to the hard work that we have put in to ensure that all of our customers and clients have the best coffee/catering experience possible. For us to adapt and be diverse to the different situations that outside catering can bring.

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