Henry's has been dedicated to producing the highest quality and freshly roasted coffee to your events since 2011. We have won a reputation for the consistency of flavour and presentation skills, even at huge or demanding events that we have attended in the UK and abroad.

Our range of espresso machines, pop up bars and highly skilled barista' from across the world will provide your event with our unique ‘wow’ factor.

Competitive prices and our ‘go that extra mile’ attitude will leave your guests coming back for more. Contact us for more information - we will be happy to create a bespoke experience for you if you find that none of our packages fit your needs.

HAVE YOU HEARD?..........

The last few years has seen coffee explode onto our streets. Our lives run at such a fast pace that coffee seems to be the one thing we reach for to keep us going.

We at Henry's believe coffee is more than just a means to an end, more than a jolt of energy or a kickstart to your day. We know more and more people are getting serious about their coffee. It’s more than a drink; a necessity, an experience, a ritual, social gatherings and even business meetings take place over a flat white nowadays.

At Henry's, we believe everyone has the right to enjoy a decent cup of joe - whether that be a mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We’re driven by passion, and our focus on quality means Henry’s brings you coffee that is ethically sourced and delivered with care and precision, every time.

We haven't just helped large blue chip companies throughout the UK and abroad: we have also helped smaller businesses and councils, as well as providing in-house staff incentives. Clients have told us that we help them to promote their services and to achieve status and exposure within their industry, and your business should not be any different.

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