An indoor only service where we treat guests to 'The Baron' our Espresso and Milk based Coffee offering from Climpson & Sons. Also available for the non coffee drinkers, a selection of Silk tea bags including English Breakfast, Sapphire Earl Grey and Chai Black Tea.

We also offer Chilli Hot Chocolate, a wonderful blend of quality drinking chocolate and spices all wrapped up in a brilliantly warming hit the back of your throat drink Of course we also offer a normal Luxury hot chocolate. We offer a porcelain and a High quality paper cup service for this type of hire. Read more...
A coffee bar or coffee van service where the aim is to attract the many visitors to YOUR stand and make your stand and team work harder. Great for generating new leads and contacts or just offering great hospitality that people will remember. We offer 8oz sized Black triple walled disposable cups and single walled 4oz espresso cups. Read more...
Having covered Studio and location shoots, we know how much we are appreciated when we roll up and they see we serve Freshly roasted specialty coffee. Some outside caterers don't cover the more upmarket side of Coffee but when the cast & crew are treated for there works, it's like a fantastic pick me up for the rest of the shoot.

We bring along some Gourmet crisps , Flavored carbonated water , Amazing bakes and a few other little treats to keep you going. Read more...

Have you heard?..........
The coffee revolution has begun!

The last few years has seen coffee explode onto our streets. Our lives run at such a fast pace that coffee seems to be the one thing we reach for to keep us going.

We at Henry's believe coffee is more than just a means to an end - a kickstart to your day. We know more & more people are getting serious about their coffee. Its more than a drink, very often a necessity, an experience, a ritual, social gatherings even business meetings take place over a flat white nowadays.

At Henry's, we believe everyone has the right to enjoy a decent cup of joe - whether it's tea, coffee or chocolate. Being driven by passion and the focus on quality means Henry’s brings you coffee that is ethically sourced and delivered, with care, every time.


Lee and his team have provided the catering for many of our events across the business from breakfast meetings in the office to our annual party at an external venue. They are reliable, will adapt their service to suit the event and take great pride in their work. A top notch business and always our first port of call.

- Michelle at JUSTEAT
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